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Hypnotherapy and gambling



Hypnotherapy results differ from client to client and whilst we will try our best to help a client make changes the results are not guaranteed.

Why do we gamble?

Taking risks is part of human nature. As natural hunters we thrive off the sensation of fear and anticipation. As well as being hunters, we are extremely curious and somewhat greedy creatures. All of these primitive characteristics can no longer be fully satisfied in civilized society, making gambling an ideal hobby. It stimulates the mind, gets the heart pumping faster and introduces a level of challenge that promotes a sense of purpose and ambition. These components are especially attractive to a person who is not enjoying certain aspects of his or her life. Emotional states thought to lead to gambling addiction include:

Low self-esteem - people with low self-esteem are drawn to gambling because winning can induce a sense of self-worth and achievement.

Lack of direction or purpose - some people who feel like they lack the ambition or drive to achieve anything in life might experience a big win      and suddenly feel like all their failures can be resolved if they win just one more time.

Stress - sometimes stressful situations can lead us to seek a form of escape. Some of us pick up a book, buy a DVD or immerse ourselves in a video game. Others choose gambling as a means of escape and find that they can use it to distract themselves from life's problems.

Depression- depression can lead to a total lack of  feeling or emotion. This 'dead' or invisible feeling can cause us to seek activities that make us feel alive again. The excitement of taking a risk can seem very appealing to a person who hasn't felt much of anything in a long time.

Do you have a gambling addiction?

There is a big difference between a person who enjoys an occasional bet at the races a few times a year, and a person who can't get through the day without taking some kind of gamble. Where is the line between hobby and addiction and how do you know if you've passed it?

Recognising a gambling addiction:

There are a number of signs to look out for if you think you or someone close to you might be developing an addiction to gambling.

These include:

finding it difficult to stop gambling

The sessions

Hypnotherapy induces a state of deep relaxation which makes it easier for a hypnotherapist to access  the subconscious mind.

By digging deeper into your subconscious, a hypnotherapist can explore the routes of certain behavioural patterns and, by using the power of suggestion, help you to break out of these patterns.

By altering their thought processes and learning to channel their emotions in different ways, an addict can learn to overcome their gambling addiction and also learn techniques to keep them going even when the hypnotherapy sessions are over. 

We look at the ‘bigger picture’ of how gambling fits into your lifestyle and show you how to make the shifts in thinking and beliefs that can create a radical new direction in life.

Treatment options

We reccomend starting with a Super Session that lasts up to 2 hours and covers in depth hypnotherapy for the issues and includes a session on mindfulness.

At the end of the session you will be given a recording of the session for further home use.

You can also start with a standard hypnotherapy session, if preferrred.