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Modular training courses accredited by the Hypnotherapy Association and General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

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Now includes Diplomas in Life Coaching and Practical NLP
5 Diplomas in total!

Hypnotherapy training is a bit of a minefield!

Many people ask what is the best way to learn. Forget trying to be trained without a good level of demonstration and personal direction. Purely distance learning or trying to learn with 200 other people in a big auditorium just doesn’t work.

I believe we have the right balance of theory and guide practice to ensure that the student builds up confidence to develop a good, professional practice.

There are many organisations offering training in Hypnotherapy - ranging from correspondence courses to University-style teaching over many months.

We believe that the best way of learning hypnotherapy is the Fast Track(click here to see our training website)method where you are immersed in hypnotherapy theory and practice in one stretch of 14 days or 2 blocks of 7 days. 

Students are given an intensive mix of practice and theory allowing them to work with real clients.

We build up to the deeper change techniques needed for analytical and clinical work, using modern Stress management, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and advanced NLP.

We include a Diploma in Practical NLP  and Diploma in Life Coaching in 


How do we train?

Many traditional hypnotherapy schools treat the process as a process by which the student learns several induction techniques, scripts for various habits and the basics of connecting these within a therapeutic hour.

We treat the whole process as a learning experience out of which the student will emerge with both personal insights and an intuitive understanding of the process of empowering change.

Often students report that their personal changes through interactive sessions on the course are the most memorable aspect.

Along with a level of training that keeps abreast of all the major developments within the international fields of Hypnotherapy and NLP, we believe we have a powerful and balanced course that is ideal for both the seasoned practitioner and the interested novice.

Robin Oxley, the main therapist/trainer, demonstrates the techniques that are needed with real situations, generally helping course students who bring forward a variety of issues to be resolved. This is optional but generally seen as one of the best methods of interactive learning and personal growth.

Many essential skills of voice intonation and the methods of developing powerful interventions are learned by seeing then copying.

The model of Ericksonian storytelling is woven throughout the training, which often dips into the metaphysical world of universal purpose and the power of intention. Students are often surprised at how quickly they find the ‘Voice’ within them that emerges to accompany their therapeutic careers.