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Weight loss including gastric band option


Hypnotherapy results differ from client to client and whilst we will try our best to help a client make changes the results are not guaranteed.


Tape measure The rest of the world lives to eat, while I eat to live.


What is the problem with some diets?

The reason many people fail at weight loss is that the approach that they use is just too simplistic. How you eat and how it affects your body weight depends on many factors. For example:

  • Family training
  • Mood and emotions
  • Habit
  • Quality of your diet
  • Sensitivity to different foods
  • Knowledge about food
  • Exercise level
  • Genetic predisposition, etc.

Programs that do not take a number of these factors into consideration are going to have only limited success. Limited in either the amount of weight you lose or how long you can keep it off.

Thin body 

 How hypnotherapy works

Most people who come to us have tried diets and have failed. They have tried exercise programs too, and have also failed.

The good news is that we don't have to educate them on how they should eat and exercise to lose weight. We focus on removing the subconscious programming that is getting in the way of their success.

Hypnotherapy encourages a return to natural hunger. .

You could learn to

  • Eat slowly and mindfully
  • Enjoy healthy food
  • Cut out snacks
  • Eat smaller portions


Super Sessions

There are 2 Super Session options:

Option 1 Healthy eating

This is ideal for those who are attached to high carb and fatty foods and encourages a new connection to healthy eating.

Option 2 Gastric band

This is ideal for those who find that the amount of food they eat is the major issue.

With either option the elements of the other option are included at a lesser degree.

You can also start with a standard hypnotherapy session, if preferrred.

Our standard hypnotherapy encorages you to see food differently. We teach you the basic techniques of self-hypnosis .

We have used this system for over 20 years.

At the end of the session you will be given a recording of the session for further home use.


NOW - GASTRIC BAND Super Session

Gastric band hypnotherapy starts off with a longer session than normal and is excellent for those who want to start of their weight loss programme with a powerful intervention. We then build up your ability to keep the changes happening as the programme proceeds.

Gastric Band

All reality starts in the mind. If you believe something strongly enough your body will conform to that reality.

Look at Olympic athletes before the big race. They aren’t thinking about failure. They are rehearsing success.

Gastric band hypnotherapy helps the client to retain a subconscious belief that a real band has been fitted, leaving the stomach unable to cope with large meals.

We help create the detailed feelings that a real gastric band operation would produce .....without all the risks!

We also help to re-educate the palate to accept and welcome healthy foods, thus promoting the transformation from food slave to food free.